Mr. V.B. Singh


From the Founder's Desk.
It is not possible for me to write a 32 year long glorious history of the school, but still I will try to write a short history of this journey. The journey was full of pebbles but God has always bestowed His grace on us. Students, their success and achievements ever seemed personal and gratifying.

It was July 1990, when I led the foundation of Pt. Deen Dayal School, when I came to Maharajganj with an experience of eight years in the field of education. I had a clear vision of starting an educational/coaching institute in the city which was declared a district just a year before. Finally, the school was started with Mr. O.P. Singh as its president, I myself as manager and Mr. Ram Indra Chakrawarti as its principal.

In the beginning we had 'only three students' but since then each progressive year has given us the addition of new classes. The school was soon awarded with the affiliation by the U.P. Govt. in 1992. It is worth dictating that Pt. Deen Dayal School is the first residential school of the district. I am very glad to state that within a very short span of time, the school has established its academic reputation not only in the district but also outside it. This is clear from the fact that we got students from different parts of our district, our neighboring districts, states and also from our neighboring country Nepal.