Information Parent

Information Parents

1. Parents/guardians are advised to take care of the daily home works provided to their wards.
2.Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers or their wards during college hours. In case of any emergency, parents can seek the permission from
the principal after an appointment.
3.If there is any change in the information like address, contact no. etc. related to the students, the parents are advised to inform to the college office (in written)as soon as possible.
4. Students must be regular and punctual. Late comers and the absentees will not be allowed to attend the classes without proper application.
5.The college fees and other charges may be revised if required, at any time.
6. Once transport facility is availed, it will not be withdrawn in the mid-session in any case /circumstance.
Note: 1. Parents/guardians can meet the principal on every working day between 10:00 a.m. to12:00 noon only after the prior appointment.
2. The rules and regulations may get change at any time without prior notice and the guardians and students will have to abide by
the same.